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Audient - Preamplificator 8 canale ASP008

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he ASP008 is a compact, 1U rack mount unit featuring eight ultra high quality mic preamplifiers developed from the renowned mic-pre design used in the acclaimed ASP8024 recording console.The design uses an 8 transistor discrete Class A front end with extended band-width and a noise floor close to the theoretical Johnson limit. Carefully chosen close tolerance components are used to achieve high CMRR at all gain settings and distortion is minimised to less than 0.001% at 20dB gain and +10dBu output. This outstanding technical performance delivers a mic amp with incredible transparency and detail without colouration or other unwanted artefacts.


Each Mic amp also features switchable input impedance, allowing the user to explore the subtle variations in microphone character that are determined by output termination.


All channels include an XLR input, 'soft start' 48V phantom power, switchable input impedance, 25-250Hz hi-pass filter as well as line input selection. Channels 1 and 2 also feature a -20dB attenuator and a high-impedance Instrument/DI input on a front panel mounted jack. LEDs provide indication of signal present and overload.


Two digital output option cards are available - one with ADAT optical interface, the other with AES/EBU and ADAT. Both cards now support sample rates of up to 96kHz over ADAT S/MUX.