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Korg AX3B Modelling Signal Processors

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Announcing the AX3B for bass, a great sounding, affordable multi effects processor that takes advantage of Korg's high quality, super-sounding modeling effects. Looking for just the right sound? Check out the new AX3B multi-effect processor. This on-the-floor, foot-switchable unit contains an array of 57 realistic effect types powered by Korg's proprietary "REMS" modeling technology. Want a studio's worth of great amps, cabinets, modulation and delay/reverb effects and more? The AX3B is easy-to-use and delivers a sound quality that will satisfy beginners and pros alike. Plus, this little powerhouse will fit comfortably into the pocket of your gig bag and will run on batteries, so in addition to playing live on stage, it's an ideal choice for quick rehearsals, warm-ups or even to help pass the time while traveling in the van. Now you can enjoy great bass sound wherever you are.


  • 57 types of "REMS" modeling effect variations are built in, and you can simultaneously use up to six different effects including noise reduction.
  • 16 drive/amp types recreate the sound of a variety of top-notch amps, and you can choose from ten different cabinet types.
  • Numerous effects at a level of quality that rivals dedicated units.
  • Full editing of all parameters for four effect categories (pre-effect, drive/amp, modulation, delay/reverb).
  • 40 user programs for creating and saving your own sounds. 40 preset programs are also provided, giving you a total of 80 programs for immediate selection.
  • Built-in Auto Chromatic Tuner.
  • Two-way power lets you use batteries or a separately sold AC adaptor.
  • Connect an optional EXP-2 foot controller or XVP-10 expression/volume pedal and use it as a volume or wah pedal.

57 killer modeling effects

The AX3B contains 57 different realistic "REMS" modeling effects with the same high quality you'll find on our top-of-the-line ToneWorks AX3000B, delivering pro-level realistic sound from this surprisingly compact package.

AX3B for bass – with a treasure-trove of sought-after amps and effects

We know you bass players want your own tone tool kit. The AX3B is designed specifically for bass, with sixteen famous bass amp sounds ranging from vintage to standard models. Every detail of each original amp has been faithfully recreated, giving you an enormous variety of bass tones that include fat, warm tube sounds, as well as clean sounds. The AX3B's effects include the ever-indispensable compressor, plus an octaver to give your sound even more weight. We've packed it with numerous unique effects too, such as a fretless effect that models the sound of a fretless bass, a slow-attack effect that simulates "violin" technique, and a great-sounding synth bass effect.

Full editing and flexibility that rivals dedicated units

Each amp and effect type has a wide array of editable parameters that rivals those found on dedicated units. The most suitable values are automatically selected when you choose an amp or effect, making it easy even for a beginner to get the best sounds right away. The most frequently used main parameters are accessible directly via the knobs immediately after you select an effect. Numerous sub-parameters are also provided so that you can adjust the details of the sound to your taste. With a simple and intuitive interface, getting the perfect sound is quick and easy.

Select from 80 programs (40 user / 40 preset)

Use up to six "REMS" modeling effects simultaneously, and save your settings as one of 40 different programs. 40 preset programs in a wide range of musical styles are also provided, giving you a total of 80 programs that you can use right away.

More, more, more – including an Auto Chromatic Tuner

Since the AX3B contains an Auto Chromatic Tuner, in addition to having great tone you'll always be in tune. There's a mute mode that lets you tune without producing sound from your connected bass amp, so it's easy to tune on-stage. You can connect an optional expression pedal and use your foot to control wah or volume for even more expressive possibilities. With a size that easily fits into the pocket of your gig bag, and the ability to operate on battery power, the AX3B is a great way to get the best bass sounds at home, in the studio, or on stage.


  • Number of Effects: 57 (Pre effects: 10, Drive/Amp models: 16, Cabinet models: 10, Modulation effects: 10, Delay effects: 5, Reverb effects: 5, and Noise Reduction)
  • Number of Programs: 80 (40 users / 40 presets)
  • Connections: NPUT (1/4" phone jack), OUTPUT (1/4" stereo phone jack)
  • Signal Processing: A/D, D/A conversion: 24 bit, Sampling frequency: 31.25 kHz
  • Tuner Function: Detection Range: 27.5 Hz ~ 1,318.5 Hz (A0 ~ E6), Calibration: A = 438 ~ 445 Hz
  • Power Supply: Four alkaline AA batteries (battery life: approx. 8 hours), or DC9V (separately sold AC adapter)
  • Dimensions: 178 (W) x 142 (D) x 43 (H) mm
  • Weight: 0.75 lbs./ 340 g
  • Options: EXP-2 Foot Controller, XVP-10 Expression/Volume Pedal