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KORG - OT-12 - Orchestral Tuner

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Engineered for precise pitch accuracy, versatile functionality, and with careful attention paid even to the movement of the needle, the OT-12 Orchestral Tuner allows ideal tuning under any conditions, with an incredibly broad tuning spectrum that covers the pitch ranges of all instruments. The OT-12 is the newest model in Korg's lineup of tuners whose precision and functionality has made them the choice of musicians around the world. The OT-12 features a dual display with both a VU-style meter for accurate pitch indication and an LCD screen for excellent visibility.

Even with its advanced functionality, operation is simple, with intuitively understandable switches and dial. It provides a wide range of pitches and a variety of tuning methods, including a Sound Back mode that lets you check the pitch both by eye and ear. Housed in a compact package, the OT-12 orchestral tuner provides all the functionality you need for everything from transposing instruments to historical temperaments.

Featuring a dual display with a VU-style meter for accurate pitch indication plus an LCD screen
The dual display of the OT-12 provides a VU-style meter to guarantee high-precision tuning as well as an LCD screen that shows not just the correct pitch, but also the sound output level, calibration, key or temperament, and much more at a glance. Its broad range (A0-C8) provides instant coverage for all notes and ranges of wind, string, and keyboard instruments. The response of the needle to an input sound can be adjusted over three levels, from quick response for rapid tuning to slow response for careful tuning. Calibration can be adjusted over an exceptionally wide range to support any concert pitch.

Versatile tuning methods include Auto/Manual modes and Sound Back mode
You can choose from two tuning modes: Auto mode in which the pitch of a single note played on your instrument is detected automatically, or Manual mode in which the desired pitch can be specified in detail. A reference tone can be sounded, allowing two or more musicians to tune simultaneously. The sound output level can be adjusted in two levels, covering situations ranging from small studios to halls. In addition, Sound Back mode detects the pitch that is input via the optional contact mic to the input jack, and sounds the closest reference pitch from the built-in speaker. Since the meter also operates, you can verify the pitch by both eye and ear, which allows you to hone your sense of pitch and to tune more accurately. The built-in mic is ideal for pitch measurement of any acoustic instrument.

Broad support for transposing instruments and historical temperaments
As a convenience for transposing instruments, twelve keys including both sharps and flats are supported. The Multi Temperament function provides eight frequently-used historical temperaments, making the OT-12 the ideal choice for use with specific classical and other tunings.


  • Scale: 12 equal tempered, Pythagorean, Mean tone E flat/D sharp, Werckmeister III, Kirnberger III, Kellner, Vallotti, Young
  • Transposition Range: C,C sharp,D,E flat,E,F,F sharp,G,G sharp,A,B flat,B
  • Detection Range: Detection range:A0(27.50Hz)- C8(4186Hz)
  • Reference Tone: C2(65.41Hz)- C7(2093Hz)five octaves, Two volume levels
  • Tuning Modes: Manual,Auto(SLOW,MEDIUM,FAST), Sound, Sound Back
  • Calibration Range: A4=349-499Hz(1Hz steps)
  • Detection accuracy:+/-1 cent
  • Sound Accuracy: C2(65.4Hz)-B5(987.8Hz)+/-0.72 cents or better C6(1047Hz) - C7(2093Hz) +/-1.45 cents or better
  • Pitch Guide Range: AUTO (SLOW,MEDIUM,FAST), SOUND BACK Modes,-50 cents - -3 cents flat,-3 cents - +3 cents sharp/flat,+3 cents - +50cents sharp. Manual Mode
  • -500 cents - -3cents flat,-3 cents - +3 cents sharp/flat,+3 cents - +500 cents sharp
  • Connectors: INPUT(1/4" mono),OUTPUT(1/4" mono),DC IN
  • Power Supply: AA batteries x 2(3V)[Included], or AC adapter [Sold separately]
  • Battery Life: Approximately 100 hours(alkaline batteries, Meter mode, continuous input at A4)
  • Dimensions: 140.5mm x 60.0mm x 39.5 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 194g (with batteries)