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Master Audio DJ 843 mixer DJ

Cod produs # MAS-2227
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 Although there are a lot of audio mixers on the market, not all of them have enough quality and performance to be considered as professional ones. Thanks to its design and technical features, the DJ842 can be used in any kind of audio application, giving excellent results.

Main Features
a) Gain control and 3-way Tone control on all channels.
b) Wide range +12dB/0dB/+6dB Tone controls.
c) Double-Rail Faders and Crossfader for higher reliability.
d) 8 inputs for any sound source combination.
e) 5 outputs (Program, Monitoring, etc).
f) Automatic Talkover for a good dosing of the musical channels as compared to the signal of the DJ ("Speaker Show").
g) PFL to headphones, with PFL-PGM mix.
h) V.U. for each channel.
i) V.U. indicators for a permanent output level control