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Master Audio MD-15ND Boxa profesionala pasiva

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Two way - Woofer 15" + Driver 1" – Processed: 1100 W/ 130 dB pgm - 26,8 Kgs - MD-2 System 

In combination, two MD-15ND2 full-range units and two MD-15SW subwoofers form the powerful three-way MD-2 speaker system. The custom-made 15” woofer of the top system has a specially ventilated Neodymium magnet with DDR – Double Demodulating Rings – to ensure flat frequency response and extremely low distortion. The 1” Neodymium compression driver with 1 ¾” pure titanium diaphragm has an ultra-lightweight voice coil, wound with flat aluminium wire. 

Extraordinary, but customary for MD systems, both drivers have temperature sensors to allow a processing TCP amplifier to control the power capacity of the speakers. This unique power control feature allows you to safely driving the system to its limits, without audible distortion or damage to the speakers. The power handling of the MD-15ND2 is 1100 W in musical program. 

The MD-15SW subwoofer has a maximum power handling of 1600W. It is an advanced dual-chamber band pass design with high sensitivity, very low distortion and extremely dynamic performance. The 15” heavy-duty drive unit has 4” voice coil and an exclusive magnet design with Neodymium structure and DDR – Double Demodulation Rings – to flatten impedance and phase to create constant power transfer characteristics. 

The 3600 W DPU-3K6 amplifier is equipped with processing cards, customized for the MD systems, in order to optimize the speaker performance by means of equalization, phase alignment, sonic filters, crossovers and limiters. The amplifier measures constantly the temperature of the voice coils through the SENSE system, a separate cable connection providing feedback from the speakers to the DPU-3K6. If the temperature becomes too high, the Thermal Protection Circuit (TPC) of the amplifier will gradually limit the power to the speakers to protect them.

Of course, the MD-2 system can also be configured with the larger MD-18SW subwoofer for larger venues.

Thanks to its wide frequency response and outstanding sound quality, it is specially recommended for live applications (full range) or when a low reinforcement unit is not required. The low-mid way uses a 15´´ Neodymium woofer with 75mm voice coil and Double Demodulating Rings (DDR). It is assembled in a high pressure aluminium chassis and has an exclusive cooling system of the magnetic circuit. The high way includes a 1´´ Neodymium driver, with 1.7´´ pure Titanium diaphragm and flat aluminium wire voice coil. It is matched to a 100º x 45º constant directivity waveguide horn, made with polyurethane fibres, through injection molding. The internal crossover, divides the corresponding frequencies to each transducer with minimum losses.