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Master Audio MD-18SW Subwoofer profesional pasiv

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Subwoofer 18" – Processing 30-200 Hz, 1600 W/ 133 dB pgm - 42 Kgs - MD7 Systems 

The MD-7 is one of the most impressive compact column speaker system available. The building blocks of this massive flagship are the MD-64T full-range unit and two MD-18SW subwoofers per channel. The top system has a horn loaded 12” woofer with 3” voice coil and external Neodymium magnet configuration for optimum heat exchange. The ellipsoidal waveguide (horn) for the mid/low frequency driver includes a special concentric phase plug for improved midrange reproduction and clarity, and increases system sensitivity to 104 dB.
The compression driver for the treble has a 3” pure titanium diaphragm and suspension and also works in an ellipsoidal horn. The ellipsoidal waveguide concept achieves a perfect match between transducers and the horns, and the 60° x 40° dispersion pattern allows for wide coverage configurations.

Each drive unit in the MD-64T also have thermal sensors built in, making it possible for a DPU amplifier to control the temperature of the voice coils via the SENSE system and thereby utilizing the full dynamic potential of the speakers, without the risk of distortion or damage. Furthermore, dedicated processor modules for the top systems and subwoofers (DPM) and optimize the speaker performance by means of equalization, phase alignment, sonic filters, crossovers and clip limiters.

The subwoofer MD-18SW has an advanced dual-chamber band pass design with high sensitivity, very low distortion and extreme dynamic performance. The 18¨ heavy-duty drive unit has 4” voice coil and an exclusive magnet design with Neodymium structure and DDR – Double Demodulation Rings – to flatten impedance and phase to create constant power transfer characteristics. Maximum power handling is 1600W.

The full power of a DPU-3K6 amplifier is a massive 3600 W. The MD-7 system frequency response is a very linear 30-20.000 Hz, with a maximum SPL of 135 dB.

Its high sensitivity, very low distortion and extremely powerful response make it suitable to reinforce any configuration in live events or disco applications. · Its exceptional response ( 30Hz-140Hz )* is electronically compensated by DPM Processing Cards which are inserted into the amplifier. · Exclusive maximum power control circuit (Sense) which allows to obtain the maximum performance of the system without damaging the transducers. · 18´´ Neodymium woofers (4´´ Voice Coil) with DDR (Double Demodulating Rings) which reduce the third order distortion and improve the transient response.

(*)-10dB.Half Space Anechoic.


Power Capacity: RMS / Prog
800 W / 1600 W / 3200 W Peak
Components: 18" Neodymium woofer. 4" voice coil.
Directivity: Omnidirectional
Frequency response: (with DPM) 30 Hz - 200 Hz (-10 dB HSA)
Sensitivity: 101 / 133 / 136 dB SPL
Nominal impedance: 8 Ohms
Connections: NL4 2 x Speakon (+1/-1 Signal +2/-2 retourn Sense)
Dimensions: (H x W x D) 787 x 580 x 550 mm
Weight: 42 Kgs.
Finish: Birch plywood. Front grille with foam. Wine paint
Optional accessories: Nylon cover. 4 wheels. 80 cm distance rod M20 for Top's