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Peavey 6505 212 - Amplificator chitara

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 Based on the 6505 Stack, this combo offers the same classic sound in a smaller package. The sonic trademark of traditional combo amps is the characteristic dispersion of sound resulting from open-backed cabinetry. It's one of the features that allows small combos to sound so big — the speakers actually spread the sound around more of the stage. But while open-cabinet designs are efficient, they also leave most combos lacking in resonance and low-end thump, which are characteristic of the "stack" sound. By sealing off the cabinet in the 6505, Peavey has created a "one-piece stack" that sets it apart from other combos.

The combo boasts more versatility than its stacked stable-mate thanks to an enhanced, clean sound and circuitry that takes full advantage of the cabinet's sonic possibilities and the impressive tonal balance of well-matched components, and an added reverb circuit. Turn up the bass and you'll appreciate the 6505 Combo's sealed cabinet design. The serious guitarist looking for an expressive tonal palette will find few amps that match the 6505's responsiveness. Because of its singular design and distinguished tone, the 6505 212 combo is in a category all its own.


  • 60 Watts RMS into 16 or 8 Ohms
  • Five 12AX7 preamps tubes & two 6L6GC power amp tubes
  • Footswitchable lead/rhythm channel select & reverb defeat
  • Three-band EQ, resonance & presence controls
  • Rhythm channel: pre-/post-gain controls, bright/crunch switches
  • Lead channel: pre-/post-gain controls
  • Two Sheffield® 1200 12" speakers in a closed-back cabinet
  • Footswitch included
  • Cover available

  • Dimensions 30.125" W x 24.5" H x 12" D (Unpacked), 33.5" W x 28" H x 15.25" D (Packed)
  • Weight 98.5 lbs. (Packed), 84.5 lbs. (Unpacked)