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Rocktron OnTap Power Supply

Cod produs # ROC-2676
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 Powers up to 20 stomp boxes at the same time. Includes cables allowing connection to almost all stomp boxes and effect pedals available (old and new!)

Uses only one space on a power strip
The DC OnTap features a switching power supply that operates automatically at 110V or 220V power allowing global usage. (A plug "adaptor" is not included but may be needed depending on local outlet socket style.)

Cables included with the DC OnTap:
• Daisy chain cable with standard 2.1mm jacks
• Extender cable for larger pedals – 2.1mm jack
• Reverse polarity cable for older pedals
• Reverse polarity cable for use with 2.5mm jack
• Battery plug cable – connects to battery clip
• Cable to connect to pedals with 2.5mm jack
Note: extra cable sets are available for purchase – part number 006-2019

The Power Solution for Multiple Stomp Boxes
9V DC, 1670mA total power