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T-Rex ToneBug Sustainer - Pedala compresor/gain

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Keep that good thing going!

Right back to Hendrix and Carlos Santana, sustain has been a cornerstone of the classic rock sound, along with distortion, reverb and delays and modulation effects. The aim has always been to keep a good thing going – letting a single note, chord or even feedback tone play on, and on, and on…
Guitarists have used different methods for achieving that violin-like sustain effect – from holding their guitar up close to their amp, to using complicated neck-mounted contraptions to generate feedback along the strings.

Now, T-Rex has put it all in a single, easy-to-use pedal.

Compression + gain = T-Rex sustain

The T-Rex Sustainer gives you a gorgeous, natural-sounding sustain effect for soloing, long-lasting power chords or soaring feedback effects. It’s a simple pedal that works by first compressing and limiting the signal from your guitar, and then applying gain to keep your tone playing.
For T-Rex, music always starts with you – the unique, individual, one-of-a-kind sound you get from your guitar, amp and effects. So we’ve made sure that Sustainer preserves your tone while sustaining it, without adding artificial colouring.

Part of the T-Rex Tonebug series

Sustainer is part of the T-Rex Tonebug series, a growing line of pedals that combines the classic T-Rex tone found in our high-end pedals with intuitive, uncomplicated controls – all at a price that any guitarist can afford.
If you haven’t tried Sustainer, plug it in at your local music shop. Add it to your pedal board, and it will quickly become an indispensible part of your sound.

Technical Specs

Input Impedance@1KHz

Higher than 1M Ohm

Output Impedance@1KHZ

Lower than 1K Ohm

Power supply


Minimum Power supply Voltage

8,5V DC

Maximum Power supply Voltage

12,5V DC

Current Draw @ 9V DC

20 mA

Maximum Input signal Vp/p

3,2 Vp/p

Battery Type

9V battery 6F22 Alkaline

Battery Life

5 to 8 Hours

External connectors 

Input Jack. Output Jack, 9V DC Jack

(center pin negative)


On/Off, Compression, Sustain, Attack

Pedal Size

Depth 120 mm
Width 78 mm
Height 60 mm

Weight (excl. battery and packaging)

0,400 kg