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TL Audio -A4 Discrete Class A16:2 Summing Mixer

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British Summers Just Got Better...


The Ebony A4 is the latest addition to TL Audio�s newest range, the Ebony Series � a sleek looking range of black Discrete Class A Processors.


The A4 is a 16:2 summing mixer housed in a 2U unit and features 16 balanced inputs on TRS and D-Sub with individual pan controls. All inputs are also switchable between +4 and -10 for greater flexibility.


The unit uses top quality Discrete Class A circuitry throughout for a pristine signal path and a clean and precise sound. The Ebony Summer also boasts the clever ability to activate an optional tube stage on the master bus; once activated, you can simply dial in the exact amount of warmth you want from a dedicated dual triode tube stage - offering your recordings an unbeatable depth, warmth and finish in the way that only tubes can.


The addition of balanced insert points on the master bus section also means that you can patch in a stereo compressor / EQ (like the Ebony A2) and gain a complete professional mastering solution and back end to your system. Not only beautiful in appearance with its high gloss black finish, brightly lit VU meters and �alloy� looking dials, but also in sound with its flexible options for clean and pristine to smooth, detailed and warm, it is also beautiful in it�s name and affordability, proving to be the most cost effective discrete Class A and tube summing solution on the market.


Starts Shipping August 2008.




Main Features

Discrete Class A Electronics

Dual Triode ECC83 tube stage in master section

Variable drive control

Ability to switch tube in and out of circuit path

16 Balanced inputs on TRS / D-Sub

16 individual pan control

Inputs switchable +4/-10

Balanced inserts on master bus

Balanced outputs

Analogue VU metering with Peak LED�s

Sleek design and smooth precise sound

Rackmountable (2U)

Hand Made In England